Any business owner knows how important safety is for their employees and office space. There are numerous security solutions that a Manhattan locksmith can install that will enhance your office security, although some solutions may be out of the realm of possibility due to budget restrictions. Thankfully, there are a few intuitive technologies available that are budget-friendly, which allow you to easily control access to your business.

Cloud-Based Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are easily programmable to read signals sent from key fobs, that contain an individual’s access rights. Most key fobs and electronic lock systems are fairly inexpensive, especially for small to mid-sized offices. Where it starts to get expensive is the servers and computing systems that are required to manage the locks and host the applications that are necessary for security personnel to fine-tune the solution to your specifications. When an electronic lock is hosted via the web, this dramatically reduces the cost associated with the technology making it affordable for those on a limited budget.


For small offices, an intercom allows for the front desk receptionist to control who enters or exits the building or office. This security solution is ideal, specifically for buildings that have multiple business located within the same building. Intercoms allow for an additional layer of protection, as the front door always remains locked.

Security Cameras

Security cameras don’t do much to physically limit someone’s ability to enter the property without authorization, it does provide an added sense of security. When a security system of cameras is clearly visible, it serves as a deterrent for most criminals trying to break into a business. For many businesses, there is a general routine of people who come and go from the building on a regular basis, which makes an outsider easy to spot on security footage. This comes in handy if a crime is committed, to be able to spot the outsider amidst all the regular patrons. Because most criminals know this, they are less inclined to attempt to break into a building armed with security cameras. Additionally, security cameras serve as a deterrent for those who are tempted to commit an impulse crime.

Multiple Entry Checkpoints

Offices that have a front receptionist can sometimes get away with leaving the front door unlocked, as they will be promptly greeted by the receptionist. This allows for the receptionist to take necessary action when suspicious individuals enter the office or assists guest with their needs. This can be an often challenging and difficult security feature, as an individual only has to get past the receptionist to reach the rest of the offices. Having multiple locked or watched checkpoints throughout a business can make it easier to control who has access and who can travel freely throughout.

Having the right security system is essential for businesses to protect their employees and assets. A Manhattan locksmith will be able to help you find the right security solutions that fit within your budget restrictions. Contact Purple Locksmith today to learn about your security options and secure your office!