While the locks on your doors are the vital components that keep you safe from the outside world, these devices aren’t impervious to the wear and decay inherent to all mechanical systems. Over time, locks wear out, which reduces their ability to protect you and your property. Locksmiths are there to help whenever you notice any of the following five telltale sights that your locks are in need of replacing.

  • Moving into a New Home: If you’ve just moved into a new house or apartment, it’s important to replace the locks if they haven’t already been switched out. Doing so stakes your claim on your new digs and keeps any unwanted visitors out.
  • Recent Break-In: If your home has recently been broken into, it’s important to replace your locks in order to defend your belongings and loved ones. It may also be prudent to install additional deadbolts or other security devices.
  • Lost or Stolen Keys: The loss of their keys is one of the most common things that locksmiths help people with on a daily basis. If you’re unable to find your keys, or you think they may have been stolen, it’s vital to replace your locks right away.
  • Wear and Tear: Over time, locks wear down due to age and the repeated motion of a key manipulating the internal components. If the locks on your door are showing any signs of wear and tear, replacing these parts that protect your home is something that should be done right away.
  • New Roommate or Tenant: Any time you welcome a new roommate into your home or say goodbye to an old tenant, the locks in your home should be changed immediately. While we’d all like to think the best of the people who share our home, it’s best to be cautious by carefully protecting your interests.

Whenever it’s time to replace the locks that protect your home, hiring a qualified locksmith company is the way to go. Purple Locksmith NYC has a great deal of experience working with residents of the Upper West Side, and their professional locksmith services are available 24/7.