It doesn’t matter if it is a school, a commercial business or an apartment building, knowing who has  access is a concern for everyone. Controlling who has access has a huge impact on your overall security. And that’s why hiring a Manhattan locksmith to professionally install an access control system should be a key part of your overall security strategy.

Most burglars who target apartment buildings select the most obvious and simple way to break-in. In fact, the most common times for break-ins to occur is during the hours of 10am and 3pm, when most people are generally at work or school. In most instances, burglars are able to enter through the front door!

Access Control is Your First Line of Defense

Unauthorized individuals often try your main access as their first point of entry to your property. Unfortunately, many residents unknowingly invite unauthorized individuals in through an unlocked door, a damaged or broken lock, or by granting access. Knowing who is requesting access allows you to determine who you allow in and who you deny access to.

Controlled Access for Enhanced Security

Controlled access ensures that only residents or authorized individuals are able to enter your property. This provides residents with an enhanced sense of security, while also making it easy for authorized individuals to enter. Access control systems are programmed to accept a code or other approved credentials. Once the appropriate code is inputted, access is granted. But, it is also important to have video surveillance to ensure that others who are not authorized to have access, don’t enter behind an approved individual.

Sense of Security

Access control also provides residents with a sense of living in a safe building, where residents’ safety is important to the property owners and managers. Investing in an access control system requires an investment—not only monetary, but time as well. Having an updated, reliable security system will not only leave your building more secure but will provide residents with a sense of security.

A Manhattan locksmith can help you find the right access control system for your apartment building, business or school to ensure that your property is safe and secure for everyone. Don’t risk the safety and security of your residents or employees by relying on an outdated system or no system at all. Invest in a quality access control system from Purple Locksmith NYC today!