Home security is of prime importance, and you want your prized possessions to remain safe inside and to have the “bad guys” locked outside. Highly rated locksmiths believe that installing deadbolt locks in the proper manner and with high-quality materials is crucial to protecting your family and your home. Professional and durable deadbolts come in a variety of finishes, styles, colors, and security grades to meet your individual needs. An additional benefit is that most deadbolts have an easy, one-tool installation.

What Is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism with a hardened steel bolt that extends fully into the metal strike plate and doorjamb using 3-inch screws on the strike plate. These screws go into the studs of the frame of your house. This anchor system adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

A deadbolt differs from a spring bolt lock because it cannot be moved to an open position except by rotation of a key. A deadbolt lock may be operated by a single cylinder or by a double cylinder. With a single cylinder, you use a key on one side of the door and a twist knob on the other side. Double cylinders use a key on both sides and therefore do not have a twist knob.

What’s the Benefit of a Double Cylinder Deadbolt?

A good thing about the double cylinder is that it prevents any unwanted unlocking of the door, such as the forced entry of a burglar who breaks a nearby window in an attempt to gain access to an interior twist knob. You can install security exterior doors that use just small windows with reinforced glass to prevent a burglar from breaking a larger regular window and reaching in.

However, double cylinder locks are often banned, because of their difficulty to open from the inside, which violates fire safety regulations that do not allow a locked exit in case of a fire. In fact, double cylinder deadbolts are expressly banned from being used in all NYC apartments. Single cylinder deadbolts that have an unlocked twist knob on the door’s interior are the most commonly used on fire exits.

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