There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a new door, you want something that is going to provide a high level of security, while also looking aesthetically pleasing. But, what do you need to look for in a commercial door to ensure that your new door provides you the security that you need? A few things to consider include the quality of the door, the appearance, and insulation value.


Security is perhaps one of the most important variables to consider. Your door is your first line of defense from an intruder, so you want something that will keep your business safe. For businesses it is recommend you purchase an outward swinging door as this will prevent a door from being kicked in.

When you have an outward swinging door, the hinges come with safety pins to prevent the door from simply being lifted off, granting someone unwanted access. You will also want to consider the location and amount of glass in and near your door. Glass can be great for letting in natural light and creating a welcoming impression, but we strongly encourage that you use reinforced glass for the security of your business.

Quality and Appearance

The door material you choose is also related to the quality of door you will get. There are two different materials commonly used for doors: metal, and fiberglass. Both materials have different quality levels themselves, there is a good, better, and best. For a long-term investment it is recommended that you select the highest-grade products for security and maintenance reasons that will fit your specific needs. With the highest level of quality in mind here are some things to consider before selecting the material for your commercial door.


Metal is sturdy and straightforward, but leaves less room for customizing your look. Hollow metal doors are made from reinforced steel sheets that are filled with insulation materials. Quality here is important because the density of your door increases protection and durability. A lower quality metal frame dents very easily, so be sure to keep that in mind as you’re considering your options.


Fiberglass is becoming more and more popular by business owners everywhere. Like metal doors they are seamless which helps them stand the test of time. Again, there is not a lot of room for customizing sizes or paneling, but it can be stained to have a wooden appearance or painted a fun color. Fiberglass probably requires the least amount of maintenance, but this will be affected by the level of exposure to the elements.

Whichever of the three you choose your door is an important thing to consider because your door is one of the first impressions your business makes on a new customer, whether they realize it or not. A new door may be just what your great space needs.


Regulating a buildings temperature is already complicated that’s why finding a door that insulates well is so important. This isn’t just important for external doors depending on your business. Keeping your cold-storage cold and your employees warm is critical. A good door can help fight the battle with the thermostat, but when it comes to insulation, your door frame is crucial. Good weather stripping and a seamless fit between door and frame will make a big difference.

We hope these tips help you decide what type of door is right for you and your business. If you are looking for the right door for your commercial space, contact Purple Locksmith today!