When it comes to safety, security, and protecting what is yours, most people will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the proper safety and security measures have been taken. Locking our homes and businesses provides us with a sense of security, and peace of mind that our property is being protected. To ensure that this sense of safety is established, properly working locks are essential, which is why it is important to have good, experienced commercial locksmiths around for those times when our locks are not working the way they should be.

Similar to residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths are those individuals who services locks on commercial buildings, offices, restaurants, malls, factories, and other such places. While the job is similar to that of working on individuals’ homes, there are additional responsibilities placed on those who work on commercial locks. The biggest responsibility is that of confidentiality when working on a commercial building. There are private and confidential documents that are kept in offices, banks, and other such places that must remain confidential and protected. At most commercial locations, commercial keying systems are security enabled. Therefore, keeping confidentiality is critical.

Just like other locksmiths, those who work on commercial locks are tasked with the some of the same duties, and some that are unique to the commercial sector. Their duties include:

  • Installing New Locks

This is the primary responsibility for all locksmiths. When new locks need to be installed, or a broken one needs to be replaced, a trained locksmith can fix it correctly and in a timely manner to ensure that your building is secure. Some commercial spaces have security systems that require key cards, or keypads, and other keyless devices. When looking to have a keyless security system installed, hire a professional locksmith to get a quality service and installation job.


  • Rekeying or Repairing Locks

When locks are broken or not working properly, they require immediate attention to address the issues, and continue to provide the office with the necessary security required. Locksmiths are able to repair locks, or rekey locks to prevent those who might have access to keys or access to the building from getting in.


  • Making Duplicate Keys

Along with installing new locks, making duplicate keys is a common duty that locksmiths encounter on a regular basis. Duplicate keys are necessary and important for commercial buildings where more than one person is authorized to open or close the store. Locksmiths can make duplicate keys to ensure that all who are authorized to have access to the building can have access.


  • Installation of Master Key Systems

Master keys are a necessity for any office, factory, or laboratory where employees need to be able to access certain areas, and prohibit access from other areas. Locksmiths can make master keys for each employee that grant and deny access, depending on where they are authorized access to.


  • Onsite Security Systems

Nowadays, security locking systems are installed at a majority of commercial places. Locksmiths are experienced in the installation and maintenance of all kinds of security gadgets, which includes close-circuit cameras and monitors, too.

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