When you are a property manager for an apartment complex, the safety and security of the residents and property you oversee are on your shoulders. This is in addition to the many other challenges property managers face on a daily basis. These can include maintenance, equipment inspections, residential complaints, and hiring and maintaining the staff. One, if not the most, important point you need to consider is the security of the property you manage. A secure building results in a happier and safer community and potentially greater retention rates among tenants. Here are a few security tips from locksmiths on how property managers can keep residents safe and buildings secure.

Review Current Security Systems

Schedule regular inspections of not only your burglar alarm system but your fire alarm system as well. You’ll want to regularly check that these devices, cameras, locks, and other security features are functioning properly. Repair and replace items as they break or get worn out as soon as you notice them. Look around your property to identify any areas that a potential burglar could try to use to their advantage to avoid your security measures.

24/7 Monitoring

Most apartment communities also have a security company that provides video surveillance to the property. Check to ensure that your security company provides 24/7 monitoring. They also should have staff with the right qualifications. They must be available around the clock so you can call them for help at the first sign of trouble.

Install An Access Control System

A modern and reliable access control system will grant access to residents and employees while keeping trespassers out. Depending on the system that you have, some come with a video surveillance system that will record movements. Access control systems are available in a myriad of price points, which means that different systems have more or fewer features than others. For additional security, invest in a system that includes a biometric system for dual verification before access is given.

Screen Prospective Tenants and Employees

In accordance with local laws, conduct a background check on prospective tenants and employees. This will allow you to identify any potential issues, while reassuring current and new residents that they live in, or are moving to, a safe community. These are great security tips to follow.

Employees Should Be Easy to Identify

It is common for criminals to try and pass themselves off as employees or maintenance workers to undermine tenants. One of the best ways to combat this is to require employees and staff members to wear uniforms and have a photo id while at work. Employees that stand out are easier to recognize.

As a property manager, it’s your job and responsibility to keep criminals out, while protecting your tenants and property. By following these security tips from locksmiths and regularly checking your security system, you are more likely to have a secure community where residents feel safe and secure.