Purple Locksmith NYC wants to see all of New York City’s citizens have an enjoyable holiday season. We’ve created a list of ways you can proactively create a safer holiday experience for yourself and your home, so you’re not calling a residential locksmith when you should be inside celebrating.

Review Your Security

Would-be burglars have just as much access to learning about the latest in security measures as you do, so make sure your home or business is well-secured. This can include a wide variety of aspects, including checking the seal and functionality of your doors and windows, all locks, hinges, and seals, as well as material integrity. A residential locksmith can help assess the security value of your current locks, doors, and windows, and give you professional advice on any upgrades or changes you can make to enhance your safety. Keep all entry ways well-lit, especially if some of them aren’t often used or seem to be out of the way, like a back entry door.

Frequent the Location

Burglars will be on the look-out for homes and businesses that may be unoccupied for the holidays. If you are planning on closing up shop for a while, or taking a holiday vacation, you might consider having friends or family members visit your home or business to ensure all is well, and to give it the protection of human presence. It’s also a good idea to have them bring in any mail or packages you may have coming, so they don’t accumulate and draw attention. You can also use timers for the lights, making it appear that people are home and using the property.       

Re-keying Your Locks

Having your existing locks rekeyed by a residential locksmith can decrease the chances that someone will have easy access to your apartment by using an old key. Even lost keys can pose a risk, as you never know where they ended up and who might have them now. Re-keying is a good option for new move-ins and as a regular practice in home security and can provide peace of mind regarding your safety. This method is much friendlier for your wallet than choosing to have all the locks replaced.

Be Aware With Gifts

When it’s time to bring home the gifts for wrapping, be mindful and plan ahead so as to avoid being taken advantage of. The less obvious you are about bringing gifts into your apartment, the better. You may choose to unload large, expensive gifts during times that there will be the fewest people around, when it’s dark so that your purchase is less discernable, or when you will have friends or family around. If would-be thieves don’t know your home is stocked with items they might want, you’re less likely to be a target.  

Purple Locksmith NYC provides Manhattan’s Upper West Side a full range of phenomenal services, from residential locksmith needs to car key emergencies and more. Call (646) 665-4181 for any and all locksmith and security needs this holiday season.