You may not think you need to have the local locksmith’s number saved in your phone but in an emergency, you don’t want to call just anyone. Here are 4 situations where you might need a reliable locksmiths number, to help you out in hurry.


  • Getting Locked Out


This is one of the most common reasons locksmiths get called. This disaster has a way of happening at the most inconvenient of times too. Getting locked out is a big deal whether you’re stuck outside your home, car or office. Without your keys, your life gets put on hold entirely. Call Purple Locksmith NYC when you find yourself locked out!


  • Lost Keys


A shallow pocket, a faulty lanyard, or a forgetful moment can all land you in the same tough spot. Lost keys happen almost as often as getting locked out. Getting your keys replaced without anything to copy can seem daunting but the experts at Purple Locksmith’s have got you covered. Replacing keys is important not just so the neighbor can feed the cat while you’re out of town, but so you can have some peace of mind that your home is safe.


  • Break In


The worst thing has happened someone has entered your safe space and intruded on a very personal part of your life. In such vulnerable moments we need someone who can help us out quickly, both to upgrade our security and replace any broken locks. A break in is scary so finding a locksmith near me that you can trust is a big deal.


  • Broken Key


In the dark sometimes finding the right key can be difficult. When you are sure you have the right key and the lock is just sticking because of the cold, sometimes the key snaps, because it wasn’t actually the right one. But it’s okay, really! That’s why you have the locksmith’s phone number saved in your phone. Right?

We know emergencies are inconvenient and unpleasant, but we at Purple Locksmith NYC want to help you move past them so you can get on with regular life as quickly and effortlessly as possible.