According to the Department of Justice, there are more than 2 million burglaries each year in the United States. One of the top reasons that businesses need reliable commercial locksmith services is because of insufficient protection. This could be anything from locks that fail to alarm systems that aren’t effective deterrents. If you can’t recall the last time you updated your alarm, here are some of the top reasons why you should invest in a new system:

Theft and Break-in Risks Will Be Reduced

FBI statistics suggest that properties with a dependable security system are less likely to be broken into. Theft rates also decrease when a modern alarm system is properly installed and set up. Such systems deter both external and internal theft attempts.

Customers and Employees Feel Safer

Cameras and other visible parts of an alarm system provide added peace of mind for customers and employees. When customers or clients come to your location and see signs that you’re making an effort to keep things secure, they’re more likely to feel confident about doing business with you.

Access Can Be Limited with High-Tech Features

Newer technology allows for remote access that often includes the ability to check alarm status via mobile devices. Alarm systems can be combined with the use of high-tech locks that further limit access via keyless options, such as code and fingerprint door locks.

Protection Against Liability Claims

Well-placed security cameras that are used as part of an alarm system will capture all activities around your business. Since this footage can be captured around the clock, you’ll have visual evidence in the event that someone makes an inaccurate claim against your business.

Inventory Loses Can Be Minimized

Alarm systems protect more than just the entrance to your business and your employees. They also safeguard your inventory. For many businesses, any type of inventory loss can have a serious impact on revenue. Alarm systems can also be added to safes or storage rooms.

Emergency Response Teams Can Be Informed Immediately

When an alarm system is tripped, emergency response teams are alerted right away. Newer systems also send automatic alerts to store owners and other essential personnel. A faster response time means efforts can be made to quickly assess the situation and secure your property.

When it’s time to update your business’ alarm system, a company like Purple Locksmith NYC that offers commercial locksmith services can help you make a choice that’s right for your budget and specific security needs. An updated alarm may also provide an early warning in the event of a fire if heat detectors are added to your system. This enhanced protection may even result in extra savings on your property’s insurance.