Opening a business is a big deal. You put your blood, sweat, tears, and money into building an operation from the ground up. Many business owners look at their businesses as their babies because they’ve invested so much time into development. Unfortunately, one break-in could easily turn a somewhat profitable small company into a bankrupt business. If you’re looking for ways to prevent theft both during and after business hours, and protect your business, here are some tips:

Assess Your Internal and External Security

One of the first things that you must do is assess whether you have enough security both outside and inside of your property. As much as you’d like to trust the people who run your business, internal theft is more prevalent than external theft. This means you need a commercial locksmith to secure your doors and entryways. Furthermore, you’ll also need experts in security to install equipment and secure rooms inside the building as well.

Upgrade Your Existing Locks

While locking systems may have been developed in the late 1700s, that doesn’t mean that you should still be using ancient equipment to secure your buildings against modern-day vandals. Be sure to have a professional commercial locksmith inspect your locking systems and show you how they might be vulnerable to drill access and other methods of bypass. Your locksmith could also explain which locks they would recommend.

Install a Motion-Activated Security Camera

Sometimes, it’s best to have an eye in the sky to prevent and deter theft and protect your business. When people feel like there’s a watching eye, they’re less likely to break the rules. It’s not a surefire way to prevent losing merchandise and expensive business property, but it’s definitely a measure that can provide security. Make sure you choose a motion-activated system that’s pointing at major points of entry and areas in the office that people may be most likely to sneak to when attempting to pocket business goods.

Always Count Your Inventory

When inventory sits in a warehouse or a backroom, it can easily start to dwindle even when there aren’t orders. No matter how thorough your employee screening process is, there’s always a possibility that someone in the stockroom or the sales floor isn’t all that trustworthy. This is why you need to take inventory and keep a detailed log of what’s missing and the dates. This will help you investigate so that you can find the perpetrator.

Protect your business like you protect your finances. Purchasing insurance to help you when unexpected things occur is essential. However, you should also take measures to prevent loss. If you hire a reputable locksmith, such as Purple Locksmith NYC, to help secure your property, you’re less likely to have to deal with the aftermath of a break-in.

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