Mortise locks have been around for centuries, dating back to Old Testament times and ancient mythology. The first mortise lock was made out of wood and was large and crude in design. The principle of operation used in ancient times serves as inspiration for modern pin-tumbler mortise cylinders of today.

The modern mortise lock is a poplar lock, often used in commercial applications. These locks have withstood the test of time, as they are not only strong but exceptionally reliable as well. Mortise locks can last a very long time. In fact, many are still found on old houses and buildings, as they have been able to last.

Difference Between Mortise Locks and Cylinder Locks

Mortise locks are very different from cylinder locks. For starters, they are heavier, and in design, they use lever locks as a mechanism. While the individual components of each lock may vary from one brand to the next, the basic principle will remain the same. Mortise locks have a solid metal construction, large springs, and are constructed out of resistant materials.

As opposed to a cylinder lock, a mortise lock will come with all the components disassembled in the box, a cylindrical lock will come preassembled. Because a mortise lock does not come assembled, it has to be assembled on the door, which is why it is recommended to invest in professional locksmith services NYC to complete the installation.

Mortise Lock Parts

There are various components that work together in order for the mortise lock to be effective. There are five main parts, these include:

  • Lock body: which is also known as the inside part of the lock. When looking at a cut out in the door, this is the part that is often seen.
  • Strike plate: this is a piece of metal that keeps the hole in the frame of the doorway where the bolt is fitted.
  • Handle: this can come in a few different styles or doorknobs, levers, handle sets and pulls.
  • Spindle: this is a long metal rod that connects the trim lock through the door and lock body.
  • Lock cylinder: this is the mechanism that operates the locking and unlocking function of the lock when the key is inserted.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of tools can install a mortise lock. It does require precise cutting holes in order for the lock to work properly. While anyone can install a mortise lock, it is recommended that you entrust locksmith services NYC to do the installation for you, to ensure that the lock works properly the first time.

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