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There’s a certain kind of pontificating confidence necessary to write an “about us” page regarding your services.

Although we are exceptional at what we do, most locksmith services will tell you the same story. Well, we won’t.

Yes, we provide fast locksmith services, we are safe, affordable, and insured. We offer residential locksmith service, emergency locksmith service, and we can definitely unlock your car. But you’ve heard that song and dance before. Purple Locksmith NYC doesn’t believe our service line sets us apart. The distinguishing factor at the end of the day is and always will be – our customer service. When people are shopping for a locksmith, from our experience, it is for one of two reasons…

A.  You are locked out of your car, and it’s really cramping your style.

B. You want the world locked out of what you want to keep safe.

Both of those situations are highly sensitive and require courtesy and respect from whomever you allow to help you. We get it, and at the end of the day, our customers are our priority. We pride ourselves on being aware of your situation, your budget, and who you are.

Are you locked out of your car and really don’t have time to deal with it? Call us.

Are you concerned that your crazy ex still has a key, and you need the locks changed? Call us.

Are you under the impression you are pre-programmed to accidentally drop your expensive chipped key in the toilet? Call us.



We have the honorable opportunity to be YOUR Upper West Side Locksmith,

and will provide you with the best service and utmost respect YOU deserve.