Locksmith Near Me

When finding the nearest locksmith, in New York City, Manhattan, or anywhere for that matter, it’s imperative that safety is of the utmost concern.

When hiring a service provider always ask the following questions:

Are you insured?

Are you licensed?

Do you have the proper training and experience?

And find out for yourself how comfortable you feel allowing them to provide services for you.

Purple Locksmith NYC understands that you’ve entrusted us with your most valuable and personal items, to both secure and unlock if necessary. It’s not enough to simply be an established NYC Locksmith, you must also cater to your customer, and value their trust in you. In an effort to offer transparency, we have also initiated a Pre-Employment Background Check Policy, Security and Theft Prevention Policy, Personal Property Policy, and Complaint Resolution.

Although we never anticipate needing any safeguards, we want to make sure our customers feel safe and protected.

When you think Manhattan Locksmith, think Purple Locksmith NYC.