I honestly can’t thank Purple Locksmith enough, Leonard was our technician and he showed up smiling even though I was ready to shatter my window to get into my car. He didn’t spend a lot of time making small talk because he could tell I was in a hurry, but he was super nice and made it happen. Thanks again.

Lindsey Jerome


I called Purple Locksmith after having a bad experience being over charged for having the locks changed out on my business. I’m happy to pay for services I need, but it has to be fair.  Purple Locksmith showed up, did their job, and didn’t charge me a crazy amount. Thank you for being professional though the process.

Janessa Froley


I had my apartment broken into and had to have the locks changed. I had a hard time calling anyone I didn’t know to come into my house and snoop around, so I was really careful about who I chose. I picked Purple Locksmith because they were close and my buddy had called them a few weeks before to work on his security system. They were great about helping out and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or weird. Locks are changed, house is secure. Thank you.

Justin Gregorson

Manhattan, NY