Purple Locksmith NYC FAQs

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If I have several locks in my house, can I have them all keyed for the same key?

Yes, in most cases re-keying an existing lock or locks to one key is possible. However, this becomes more complicated when the locks and keys are made by different manufacturers. It may not be possible for everyone.

Do you recommend a deadbolt if I only have a lockset?

Yes, deadbolts provide an additional level of security. While no one requires it, we do recommend it.

I lost my car keys.

Sometimes there is a keycode you can use. The keycode is usually written on the original bill of sale or the owner’s manual. If you have access to this code it can drastically reduce the cost of having a new key made. In some cases, a locksmith can come to you and make a key on site.

My landlord gave me the keys, should I get my locks re-keyed?

We would highly recommend it. If you don’t know the last time your locks have been changed there could be any number of people with access to your things. Landlords can be careless when assigning keys to new apartments and you may not be as secure as you think.

What is a bump key?

Bumping is an easy method used to manipulate your locks pins. With this new method locksmiths can open a number of locks that would usually need to be drilled. It is a quick and easy method that is very cost effective.

A tenant or family member has lost their key. I am concerned that someone could find it and break in. Do I need to change the locks?

No, usually the locks can be re-keyed which is a more cost-effective solution.

If I lock myself out, will a locksmith destroy my lock when they open my door?

Reputable locksmiths, including ourselves, will attempt to pick or bump your lock first. This will not damage the lock and you will not need to replace it. However, if the lock is to old, weathered, beaten, or in disrepair, we will need to drill into the locks cylinder. If this is the case we suggest you discuss all your options with your locksmith beforehand, so you can assess the costs.

I have a hard time fitting my key into my lock. It is hard to insert, take out, or turn. How can I fix this?

Try spraying the lock with a light oil like WD-40. Spray the lock, bolt, and key thoroughly and then turn multiple times allowing the oil to fully penetrate the lock. Also have a paper towel handy as you are likely to have some leaks and spills.

What is re-keying?

Re-keying involves adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock allowing a new key to open it. By re-keying a lock you will know that your key, and only your key, can open that lock.

What is a master key?

A Master Key is the primary key for a group of locks. Other keys can unlock locks that they match with, but the master key will be able to lock and unlock the entire group. Usually master keys are used by landlords and property managers.